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Good things happen all around us. Someone very special is behind every good deed and it's up to you to make that young person feel appreciated. Nominate them for a special recognition by the Do The Right Thing of Coconut Creek.

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About Do The Right Thing Coconut Creek

The program is designed to recognize school-aged children within our community who are doing good things. The Do The Right Thing (DTRT) program, is a community based initiative which brings the Coconut Creek Police Department together with our community, local businesses, local schools, community organizations, city recreational centers, and most importantly, our youth. The goal of this program is to reinforce exemplary behavior while helping to build self-esteem. It is also our intent to build bridges of trust throughout our community and to publicly thank our youth for their positive deeds and contributions to this community.

Who can nominate a child?

Any adult who has knowledge of a child's good deed in the City of Coconut Creek. The child must meet one of the following criteria: be a resident of the City, attend a school within the City, or be an active participant in a faith-based institution within the City of Coconut Creek.

How do you nominate a child?

By posting the nomination on the Do The Right Thing FORM link which can be found HERE. The child's name, school, the nominator's contact number and a brief synopsis of the good deed must be included. DTRT nomination forms are provided to all schools within the City of Coconut Creek and all City of Coconut Creek recreational center: Recreation Complex (4455 Sol Press Boulevard) and Community Center (1100 Lyons Road). The DTRT program coordinator will visit these locations on a monthly basis to collect any nomination forms that were generated.

Recognition ceremonies are held at the Coconut Creek Commission chambers on a monthly basis. DTRT winners will be identified as role models within our community, and a brief synopsis of the child's good deed will be explained. Parents, local schools, sponsors and donors will also be recognized for their contributions and support for the DTRT program.

Some examples of good deeds:

  • Turning in lost items
  • Helping someone in need
  • Helping to keep their school safe
  • Acts of selfless service
  • Volunteering time to charitable organizations or individuals
  • Acts which help to improve our environment

As most of you are aware, our department’s outreach program Do The Right Thing of Coconut Creek is currently funded by the generous donations of our community partners and local businesses. Many members of our agency, the city, and the public have asked how they can also contribute to the continued success of this program. Fortunately, we recently partnered with Amazon Smile to provide everyone an avenue to generate free donations while doing their everyday shopping. Amazon Smile provided DTRT with a custom web link listed below. When you click on the link, you will be directed to Amazon’s website just like any other day, but you’ll notice a banner at the top that says, “Supporting: Do The Right Thing.” The prices of products and Prime services are exactly the same; however, when you make a purchase Amazon will automatically donate 0.5% of the cost of your purchase to DTRT. Again, this comes at no cost to you other than taking the extra second to to make sure you enter the amazon portal via the link provided below any time you intend to shop in Amazon. We hope that you will participate in this opportunity and help continue the progress of this flagship program.

Amazon Smile

Thanks to Our "Do The Right Thing" Program Sponsors